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Panel sing-along to “Secret Tunnel!!!”

Hahaha Avatar the last airbender will always be one of my favourite cartoon shows XD

Clearer look at the teaster poster.

I honestly have mixed feelings about this #TLoU movie.. I kinda want them to make a movie and I also really don’t want them to make a movie.. It’s kinda 50/50.. I heard that Neil druckman had talked to Maisie williams (Aka Arya Stark in GoT) for the part of Ellie… I just don’t see her playing Ellie and by the time they make this movie she’ll be a 17 or whatever.. They should look for someone that people don’t know yet and kinda looks like Ellie… and someone that is actually American and sounds like Ellie (Voiced by Ashley Johnson in TLoU)

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What this all means for international fans


Do realize that Korra going digital makes little difference for international fans, considering as of now only those in the US can access the digital media sites where the episodes are being offered. It is likely that Nickelodeon has yet to come to a decision over whether or not Book 3 will be…

I live in The netherlands.. so yes this is going to suck for all us dutch fans..and everyone else that doesn’t live in the US X(

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