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My review on: The Last Of Us fan film by: ”Iron Horse cinema productions”

Okay so let me just start by saying the production value on this fan made film is pretty darn good for an indie company such as Iron Horse and they did a pretty good job by using dialogue from the game and the special effects looked pretty good to I must admit.. But unfortunatley they chose the wrong girl to play Ellie because in the game she is much younger and thinner.. not that the girl in this short film was fat or anything but you can see some difference between her and Ellie in TLOS I know that they can’t do everything exactly like in the game but come on they can at least cast people that look like the characters in the game. And This girl they cast as Ellie wasn’t really that good of an actress (not saying that she was really that bad or anything..) but thats just my opinion because literally EVERYTHING she said was just NOT convincing at all. but it wasn’t all her fault tho, because some of the dialogue was a bit differen’t from the game so… but let’s continue with the guy who played Joel because really he wasn’t any better either.. but he did look a little more convincing as Joel from the game but his dialogue wasn’t great either but the clickers and runners (infected) were a lot me believeble especially the clicker that was shown near the end of the film and the camera placements were really good too.

So if I had to give this Fan Film a score I’d give it a… 6/10 and thats being generous.

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